Find Your Joy and Spark Your Career

Certified Career Coach Providing Career Coaching, Resume Services, Interview Prep, Salary Negotiation & Fearless Networking

Passion. Mission. Vocation. Profession.

When these intersect, the Japanese call it IKIGAI (ee-key-guy). It is the belief that everyone has a reason or purpose for living. Finding your ikigai allows us to live with purpose and meaning.

Given my deep connection to this concept and my mission to assist others in finding their purpose, I chose to name my company Ikigai. It was a perfect match, as my goal is to help people discover their own ikigai and achieve greater fulfillment in their lives.

  • What you love (YOUR PASSION)
  • What the world needs (YOUR MISSION)
  • What you are good at (YOUR VOCATION)
  • What you can get paid for (YOUR PROFESSION)

Certified Career Counselor

The right coach can both propel you forward and walk beside you to exactly where you were meant to go. With that partner by your side…

Who would you be? Where could you go?

Let’s get there together.

I want to…

Find my purpose

  • Feel the rush of finding career clarity and what you were meant to do
  • Realize the best version of yourself (that you’ve always known was there!)
  • Get Unstuck

Land the job

  • Enter or re-enter the workforce
  • Transition careers
  • Grow in a new role
  • Bridge the gap between interview and job offer

Achieve balance

  • Negotiate the salary you deserve
  • Find culture fit and work/life harmony
  • Heal Imposter Syndrome

You’re in the right place


What Ikigai Coaching and Consulting Will Do

I will provide turn-key solutions to help you land your dream role. Through a collaborative effort, you will be able to achieve your career goals with the following:

  • Personalized career clarity if you are a recent grad or feeling lost or stuck in your job
  • Tailored and optimized career materials that land interviews
  • An intentional job search framework that provides structure and results
  • Networking knowledge and resources to help you build an industry-specific network
  • Strategies for conducting a strong interview through intensive mock interviews
  • Salary negotiations so you get what you are worth

I’m here for you

Christy was awesome to work with! From the very first meeting, she was able to give actionable advice to help with my networking skills, building my LinkedIn profile, and giving my resume a much-needed refresh. She is honest and direct with feedback and I always felt that she had my best interest in mind. Christy brought a great attitude to our meetings and was really the independent outside set of eyes I needed! And I landed my dream job within three weeks of starting with her! Samantha S.

Ready to find your joy and spark your career?