What My Clients Have To Say About
My Career Mentoring


"The prospect of leaving my longstanding position in a non-profit organization where I started my career 34 years ago was scary and personally overwhelming until I found Christy Rosen. From the minute we spoke on Zoom at our initial consultation, I knew we were a match made in heaven!!! Christy made me feel comfortable from the start. Her communication style and easygoing personality drew me in immediately. Christy listened to my story without judgment, she understood my fears, and she laid out a plan for us to work together to first update my resume, write a cover letter, and overhaul my LinkedIn account. Within just a few weeks, we accomplished all 3 goals and I applied for my dream job!! Within a few hours, I received a positive response from HR and now I am scheduled for an interview!!! With several mock interviews with Christy under my belt, I will rock this interview!!"

Marni G.

Chief Policy Attorney

"Christy was a tremendous help to me when I finished Vanderbilt's Full-Stack Web Developer Bootcamp in September. She provided an enormous amount of constructive feedback on my portfolio, LinkedIn profile, and GitHub account, and she made numerous helpful recommendations about how to approach job searching and stay motivated. I got a great job almost immediately after working with Christy. I'm extremely grateful for her encouragement!"

James Z.

Engineer w/Salesforce

"Christy is a passionate advocate for her clients and clearly loves her job. She recently facilitated a three-week workshop on job hunting strategies, professional image development, resume building, and interviewing skills that I attended. While Christy stayed focused on the material, she shared personal stories to help us realize we all face similar challenges. Her sense of humor and enthusiasm kept our confidence level high, kept us laughing, and kept us working hard to improve our skills.

Christy provided personal advice and worked with each of us, as we developed and updated our LinkedIn profiles and resumes. As she got to know us over the course of the workshop, she also helped us develop and refine our brand.

Christy provided one-on-one interview coaching during personal mock interview sessions, in addition to interview training during the workshop. Her skills as a professional interviewer and coach are well-honed. She provided insightful, constructive, honest feedback to point out areas that needed work to ensure we were fully ready to interview for our dream job.

Tamara M.


"Christy's creativity and drive are infectious and make her a joy to work with! I've been working on my career development for a few years now and have made it a point to stay in touch with her and follow her advice. I don’t know that I ever would have developed the confidence in myself and my abilities-despite my mostly “blue-collar” job titles-if Christy hadn’t encouraged me to look past them and push for something more. I recently accepted an awesome position in procurement that I already love-I even had to turn down other professional job offers in favor of this one. I’ve worked hard the past few years to get where I am, but I can also say that regular check-ins with Christy gave me just the edge and insight I needed to jumpstart an otherwise stagnant career. She is absolutely invested in her clients and she makes it obvious that she's there to help you however she can. There’s nowhere left to go but up with a Rockstar career coach like Christy in your corner!"

Sarah L.


"Christy was a ray of sunshine while I was searching for a new position. She confirmed what I was doing correct and gave specific, easy to understand directions on where I could improve. Her personality shines through over a video call and you can tell she's passionate about helping people. I highly recommend having a discussion with Christy, she's not pushy, will not try and sell you things you're not in need of, and is a pleasure to interact with. Thank you so much Christy."

Steve T.

Business System Analyst

"Christy is an absolute rockstar career advisor!! I took a risk leaving a career in fashion design to pursue a new journey as a software developer. I’m so grateful for her attentiveness, compassion, and motivation through every aspect of the interview process. She goes above and beyond to understand what you’re looking for in terms of company culture and career aspirations. Her guidance and support helped me to secure a dream role with an amazing company. Christy is such a pleasure to work with! "'

Jessie S.

Developer w/ Quantworks
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