Unlock Career Clarity with Ikigai Coaching and Consulting

Partnering with me provides you with access to cutting-edge resources and practical workshops designed to help you establish effective professional habits that will serve as an investment in your career growth.


Career Launch Boot Camp Intensive

Are you a recent graduate or someone who is just beginning their career journey? Are you struggling with the job search process and feeling lost? Unsure of what steps to take?

Then let’s do this together!

Join my in-person or virtual workshops, designed for small groups of aspiring career seekers. This intensive program is focused on guiding you through an intentional job search process, equipping you with the strategic skills needed for a successful career launch.


Six 90-Minute Sessions

In this comprehensive program, you'll gain the skills needed to navigate the job market and conduct a successful career search. My curriculum covers the following key practices for you to master:

  • Career Clarity
  • Developing and Practicing Your Elevator Pitch
  • Crafting Effective Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Optimizing and Utilizing LinkedIn
  • Intentional Job Search Framework
  • Effective Networking Techniques
  • Interview Preparation with Individualized Mock Interviews

Building Effective Habits

Learning to identify and unlearn ineffective habits is essential for achieving better career outcomes. My workshops provide you with the tools and strategies needed to achieve success in your professional life. By participating in the program, you will:

  • Feel More Empowered and In Control
  • Cultivate Greater Resilience and Energy
  • Communicate More Effectively
  • Foster Accountability and Ownership
  • Establish a Healthier Work-Life Balance
  • Achieve Your Personal and Professional Goals

"Wow! I feel so fortunate to have met Christy in Career Development EmployUp Program. Christy is a gifted facilitator. She also has a knack for guiding the students to reach their own conclusions, versus a lecturer who could cover similar material but would be talking "at" the students. She was kind and honest in her constructive criticism and effusive in her praise when deserved. As a mock interviewer, she was fair but tough when you needed the challenge and she suspected you could handle it. As a coach - she listened to my thoughts and concerns and gave me thoughtful, forthright, and honest feedback. She is clearly dedicated to her field and genuinely wants the best for all her clients. Christy has the intelligence and people skills that allow her to innately know when she needs to be the driver and when she needs to be a passenger."

Libby C.

Content Marketing Manager w/ Salesforce

"Christy Rosen is fabulous. That's a word I usually try to avoid, but it's really the only one that comes to my mind when I think of her.

As a workshop facilitator, she is personable and engaging, she knows her subject matter thoroughly and presents it well, and she ensures that all participants are given opportunities to speak and be heard. She has a knack for planting the seed of an idea and letting it grow with you, in a way that makes you believe it was the best idea all along and you were crazy to ever believe otherwise."

Ben C.

Marketing Manager w/ Valve + Meter

"In life, very rarely do we think that we need to be coached to land a job opportunity, but Christy changed my mind completely on this view. Christy was my career coach after I finished my coding Bootcamp through the University of Central Florida. Before even graduating, Christy took the time to sit with me and refractor my resume for a career where I only had less than a year of technical experience. She helped me be tactical with my job search by using her personalized framework and prepared me for interviews. On top of all this, Christy cared about actually helping me get a job and a couple of months after my cohort was over, I landed a position as a QA Automation Engineer.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Christy. She's an awesome coach and a ball of energy that wants to help others succeed in life!"

Maserall M.

Software Engineer w/ Capco

"Christy was nothing short of a phenomenal career adviser. Her energy and focus helped me make the most of every career mentoring session we had, and her wealth of career resources and advice helped immensely on the path to my current job as of writing this. Even during the hiring slump at the end of the year, she made sure I was making full use of my time every step of the way. She's friendly and enthusiastic during career meetings, but also made sure that I was keeping up with my tasks and milestones moving forward in the job search. She's the type of person who really wants to help others, and that kind of energy helped propel me to obtain a great job."'

Julian F.

Data Scientist w/ Booz Allen Hamilton

Your mindset plays a critical role in shaping your career success, and I’m here to guide you in creating a new perspective that leads to positive outcomes. Contact me to today to schedule a workshop and take the first step towards achieving your career goals.