Brand Statements – HELP!

Ikigai Book on Japanese Secret to Happiness

Why in the world is writing a brand statement so hard for people?! Let’s unpack this! What is the PURPOSE? A brand statement has several purposes, but the main reason is to communicate why you are the best candidate for a potential employer. It is best to keep your statement to around 75 to 150…

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Coupling Happiness and the Dream Job

A Man Figure With Different Streaks of Light

“At 55 years old, I feel so lost relative to my career.” This is something I hear quite often. People seem lost and don’t know how to pivot when life changes — empty nesters, job loss, long term under/unemployment. I generally start off with a series of questions to help guide them to a better…

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Networking Works, If You Work It!

A Group of Penguins Flapping Wings Happily

I wish I had a picture of the car my husband sold to someone for $200 bucks shortly after graduating from college. Reality check – my future husband should have paid HIM to take that car off his hands! It was that bad! That exchange got my man his first job out of college with…

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